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Dr. Vince Carter, Ph.D.


Vince Carter

Dr. E. Vince Carter is a nationally recognized marketing educator, as well as an experienced researcher, consultant, and community volunteer. With nearly 40 years of combined professional and academic marketing expertise, Vince is a versatile and visionary professor whose intellectual approach is based on the triangular focus of marketing strategy, digital technology, and ethic culture. Dr. Carter’s doctoral and research training as a theoretician directs his conceptual approach towards marketing systems/situations.

Academic Research

Dr. Carter’s research in marketing strategy, consumer culture, sustainability marketing, and digital/social-media marketing has appeared in several peer-reviewed academic journals and conference proceedings. He is a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Marketing Management Journal (MMJ) and International Journal of Research in Business & Management (IJRBM), as well as a marketing strategy and social marketing reviewer for Marketing Intelligence & Planning.  Vince also reviews marketing textbooks for leading national publishers and manuscripts for top academic marketing conferences. 

Selected digital and artificial intelligence projects have also contributed to Dr. Carter’s research insights:

  • Research Fellow, University of Detroit-Mercy, Center for Information Assurance Studies; Detroit, MI (2004 – 2007)
  • Faculty Researcher, Oakland University, Intelligent Information Engineering Lab, Rochester, MI (1999 – 2002); “Artificial Life” simulation model of automotive dealership sales/marketing
  • Research Advisor, Universal Black Pages @ Georgia Tech (“Black Yahoo”), Analyzed digital market trends, Atlanta, GA (1996 – 2000)
  • Maintained global telecommunications and information technology periodical library (1985 – 1987) for the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) 

Marketing Education

Dr. Carter has been nationally recognized with over 30 years of experience teaching undergraduate and MBA courses at Historically Hispanic Serving (HHSI), Historically Black (HBCU), and mainstream research universities. He has taught nearly every marketing course in the undergraduate/MBA program. As a Marketing Subject Matter Expert and Course Author for national online universities, Vince has designed and delivered courses in digital learning modes as well. His peer-reviewed academic publications address innovative marketing pedagogy, marketing strategy, digital marketing, multicultural marketing, social/ethical marketing, and sustainable marketing.  Vince recently launched CSUB’s first eco-sustainability marketing course and obtained certification by the Green Education Foundation (GEF).


In 2013, Dr. Carter earned the Best Paper Award for the Fall Marketing Management Association (MMA) national educators’ conference. The paper, titled “Yin/Yang Marketing Education: Blending Visual Art & Information Science Instruction” documented an innovative marketing course design that paired library science information literacy with visual art idiomatic learning to enhance market data pattern analysis. In 2016, Vince received the Corporate Vision Magazine -- Marketing, PR, and Communications Award for academic recognition in marketing.  Dr. Carter’s textbook, Test-Drive Marketing: A Marketing Principles Operating Manual for Students is an interactive eBook design with digitally curated content for self-directed learning, and hands-on concept application to improve critical thinking. Vince’s courses emphasize marketing ethics, multicultural diversity, emotional intelligence (EI/EQ), and sustainable marketing.


Besides, course instruction and academic publication, Dr. Carter’s marketing education expertise includes curricular assurance of learning and marketing course/student assessment.  Vince served as the lead marketing faculty assessor at three different universities in the cycles when their business programs received full AACSB accreditation. During the 2011 – 2015 AACSB cycle at CSU Bakersfield, his unique online interactive video assessment, designed on the Optimal Resume platform, enabled autonomous student access and aggregate interview analysis of marketing proficiency. In, 2014, Vince received a “Promising Practices” Principles of Marketing Course Redesign Grant, awarded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, as part of a 4-faculty team from 4 different CSU campuses. This course redesign experiment contributed curricular, instructional, and assessment capability. More recently, Dr. Carter was selected for a national panel of marketing faculty by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) headquarters in Princeton NJ, to receive assessment training for evaluating the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) “Principles of Marketing” test questions.  This 2019 ETS Web-Based Standard Setting (WBSS) study furthers Vince’s ongoing marketing instruction and course design best-practices.

Community Engagement

Dr. Carter’s community engagement provides marketing strategy development, multicultural market analysis, art/aesthetic design thinking, ethical social justice policies, and eco-sustainability planning. Vince has shared his expertise with several nonprofit organizations, including; CSUB Enterprise College – Economics for Future Leaders, Bakersfield Downtown Business Association (DBA), CSUB Association for Students with Disabilities, California Virtual Enterprise (VE) Network, CSUB Todd Madigan Art Gallery, Upward Bound Program for At-Risk Minority Youth in Oakland County Michigan, “Dream Green” Eco-Sustainability Careers article for Business Smarts Oakland County Michigan, The National Urban League (Atlanta Chapter), the Auburn Avenue Library for the Study of African American History & Culture (Atlanta, GA), Howard University Model Organization of African Unity (OAU) Student Competition (Wash., DC), Howard University First & Second Annual Hip-Hop Conferences (Wash., DC), and the Junior Economic Money Managers (JEMM) by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Arlington, VA.


Dr. Carter is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA), and Marketing Management Association (MMA). As part of his ongoing research efforts, Vince participates in the Southern California Consumer Culture Community (SC4), Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR), Network for Business Sustainability (NBSnet), and The PhD Project.

Educational/Professional Background – Triangular Focus of Strategy, Technology, and Culture

Initially trained at General Motors Institute (presently Kettering University) with a combined Business Administration and Industrial Engineering major (B.S. Industrial Administration), Dr. Carter’s marketing and engineering technology skills earned award recognition as a GM Parts corporate sales representative. Seeking global exposure and digital technology savvy, Vince completed his MBA at the Columbia Business School in International Business with individually composed supporting courses in Telecommunications Management.  Headquarters assignments with General Electric (GE) and Mobil Oil (presently ExxonMobil) strengthened his strategic planning and computer/user interface design skills in a brief yet intensive time frame. Along with multiple academic faculty/research assignments, Vince gained a deeper understanding of digital marketing strategy and ethnic diversity market trends from his subsequent doctoral studies leading to a Ph.D. degree in Business Administration from George Washington University School of Business, with a major field of Marketing and a supporting field of Cybernetics System Theory.

Dr. Carter’s intellectual approach is shaped by a triangular focus on business strategy, digital technology, and multicultural diversity.  Beginning with his undergraduate thesis which analyzed GM Dealership communication networks nationwide, Vince gained an innovative outlook of planned telecommunications networks from GM’s headquarters Information Systems and Communication Activity (GMISCA). That early experience was a catalyst for seeking digital technology acumen within a premier global MBA program at the Columbia Business School.

The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) provided valuable digital technology insights as a research assistant, while Dean’s List studies in the International Business and Marketing curriculum imparted strategic planning intelligence. As an affiliate of Columbia University’s International House, Vince was welcomed into an intercultural world of European, Asian, Latin American, and African ethnic, social, political, economic, and educational viewpoints. Vince was also edified by New York City’s treasured lineage of Jewish American culture, colloquy, and intellectual contributions. Adding to this cultural awakening was an apartment in the heart of Harlem which afforded a bird’s-eye view of contemporary African American society, as well as access to historical institutions and libraries. This immersive Columbia MBA international and interpersonal experience forged a triangular foundation of strategy, technology, and culture which has framed Vince’s pursuit of knowledge.

Later, other vibrant urban milieus transformed Dr. Carter’s triangular foundation into a viable model for teaching, research, and community service/consulting.  During doctoral study at George Washington University, the commercial, cultural, and civic epicenter of Washington, DC enhanced business strategy expertise, digital technology exploration, and ethnic cultural exposure. As a fulltime Marketing Instructor at Howard University School of Business while completing fulltime Ph.D. program courses, Vince’s appreciation of multiple African, African American, and Afro-Caribbean cultures/communities was further enriched. These triangular developments were directly affirmed by Dr. Carter’s visionary 1992 - 1996 ( & doctoral dissertation, Diversity and Technology: The Effects of Race and Gender on Electronic Shopping Behavior.

After accepting a Marketing faculty position with the acclaimed Morehouse College as an ABD doctoral student, the thriving enterprise, education, and ethnic hub of Atlanta, GA elevated Vince’s triangular approach in a practical way. The close alliance of graduate business and technology programs (Emory, Georgia Tech, Georgia State) in the Atlanta area permitted participation in conferences presenting leading-edge research on business/marketing strategy and digital technology applications. The diverse racial and global composition of faculty from those campuses allowed Vince to acquire a cross-cultural orientation towards academic peers and research projects. A fortuitous encounter enabled him to become an advisor with the Georgia Tech startup venture Universal Black Pages (aka, the Black Yahoo) during the “” inception. In addition, the historic African American civil rights legacy of Morehouse College and Atlanta’s Black community reinforced Vince’s cumulative acquisition of cultural competency, documented by both an Academy of Marketing Science Multicultural Marketing Conference paper “Afropoiesis” and a Morehouse College Business and Economics Department Summer Research Grant paper “Digitally Black.”

Dr. Carter’s next Marketing faculty position at Oakland University School of Business Administration, with nationally recognized best business programs, helped attune his triangular approach to a broader ethnic spectrum of students from European American (e.g., Canadian, English, German, Greek, Italian, Irish, Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian, etc.), Asian American (e.g., Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, etc.), and Arab American cultures/communities.  Likewise, the business strategy and digital technology expertise of university research centers and corporate partners expanded Vince’s knowledge of future business strategies based on office/factory automation, robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Eventually, Dr. Carter had the opportunity to join CSU Bakersfield’s School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) as a Marketing faculty member. This more than 15-year assignment further cultivated his triangular intersection of business strategy, digital technology, and ethnic culture.  The California State University System and a wide range of academic/professional venues have helped Vince harness forward-thinking business/marketing strategy techniques as well as future digital technology and Silicon Valley trends.

As a Historically Hispanic Serving Institution (HHSI), CSUB amplified Vince’s awareness of and appreciation for the Latino American culture/community – especially Mexican Americans.  California also engendered a fully inclusive ethnic cultural scope with access to larger Asian, Arab, Native American, Armenian, Basque, Pacific Islander, Persian communities and media outlets. Likewise, exposure to international faculty and exchange students reinforced a continuum of multicultural influences. This fully inclusive ethnic cultural awareness is articulated in several academic journal articles and conference presentations addressing Dr. Carter’s original concept of “Universal Ethnicity.”

The “Universal Ethnicity” guides Dr. Carter’s multicultural marketing scholarship, instruction, consulting, and community service. It has informed advising for: Olson-Zaltman Associates (Molson Coors Ethnic Marketing), Donohue Learning (Mentoring & Inclusion), Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) Millennium Science Initiative (MSI), New Product Works of Ann Arbor, MI (now GFK Marketing Research & Consulting), and the International Black Buyers and Manufacturers Expo and Conference (IBBMEC).


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