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What is UAA?

UAA is the University Accounting Association here at CSUB campus that is dedicated to coordinating events in order to increase students’ exposure to different types of firms. UAA provides sufficient resources and opportunities for students to learn about different career paths relatable to accounting and/or finance. Also, UAA assists students to be knowledgeable about CPA requirements, as well as relevant information.


Club Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a favorable, yet welcoming atmosphere for our members, as well as provide them with plentiful knowledge conductive to allow them to succeed in their upcoming careers.


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Meet the Officers, 2017-2018


 university accounting association board members Fall 2017 Newsletter

uaa fall 2017 newsletter


Upcoming UAA Board Bi-Weekly Meeting

1-2pm February 23 , 2018, BDC 262B 


Nicole Leas (President)

I am a senior Accounting student originally from Palmdale, California. I transferred from Antelope Valley College last year and I have loved accounting ever since I took my first accounting class. I interned at NASA Kennedy Space Center during the summer of last year and I interned at Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock during this year's tax season. After graduating, I plan on working in the public accounting industry as an Auditor and I want to obtain my CPA license. My interests outside of accounting include dancing, cooking, and I hope to start traveling as soon as I graduate.  As President of UAA, I want to give CSUB's accounting students as many opportunities as possible to build professional connections and to apply for internships and full-time jobs. I know working with the other UAA officers, Dr. Di Wu, and the various companies in and out of Bakersfield will bring amazing chances for students to jump-start their careers.

Selina Galvan (Vice President)

My name is Selina Galvan and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; concentration on Accounting. I also serve as the ‘Director of Budget Management’ for ASI, here at CSUB and ‘Campus Ambassador’ for Wiley CPA. Outside of class, my passion and love are sports cars. I love anything that involves high speed. I am a proud owner of three Mustangs, of which are highly modified and fast! I am excited to serve as your UAA Vice President!

Anthony Ponce (Treasurer)

I am currently a sophomore majoring in Economics with an interest in mathematics; I had initially started my education as a Business Administration major with a concentration in accounting. I have been involved with UAA since the beginning of my freshman year and have attended the majority of the events they have hosted. Additionally, I served as UAA’s Treasurer in the spring of 2016 and have served as its treasurer since the beginning of this academic year. Aside from my affiliation with UAA, I also dedicate my time as a tutor for the Economics department here at CSUB. UAA provided these opportunities for me when I was a Business major and for other students who still are; I am here to work to ensure that these opportunities continue to be available for many students to come in the future, even if I myself may not share exactly similar goals with the majority of the members.

Songping Yan (Membership Coordinator)

My name is Song and my major is accounting. I was a transfer student from Bakersfield College. I will be graduating this coming spring. I am looking forward to serving as your membership coordinator of UAA. I like to watch movies and eat all kinds of Asian cuisine. My goal is to become a CPA and hopefully work in the private accounting industry or educational and consultation area.

Aaron Chen (Secretary)

I have just recently transferred into CSUB in the Fall semester of 2017 and am currently pursuing a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. Throughout my time here, the campus has been very helpful in my endeavors and in return, I would like to assist students in their endeavors by contributing my time to the University Accounting Association.

Araceli Rosas (Social Media Officer)

My name is Araceli Rosas and I am proud to be the Social Media Officer of UAA. I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. I will be graduating in the Fall of 2018. I joined UAA in order to raise my chances of networking possibilities and I hope we can help other students do the same. I also hold the Vice President of PR/ Social Media for Beta Gamma Sigma at CSUB.

Matthew Joseph (Photographer)
My name is Matthew Joseph and I transferred from Bakersfield College in the Fall of 2016. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. I will be graduating in the spring of 2018. After graduation, I want to attain my CPA license. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, riding my dirt bike, and youtubing how to do different things that I find useful. I joined UAA to become more involved with the different opportunities and events that are available to students and surround myself with people in the industry I plan to enter.








































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  • 9001 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, CA 93311     Phone: (661) 654-2157     Fax: (661) 654-2207