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The 2019 John Brock Scholarship Recipients

Dominick Zesati, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society, was inspired to pursue a business administration degree after watching his parents thrive as small-business owners.
“Seeing that I come from a business-savvy family, I decided that my primary professional goal would be to own my own small business based right here in Bakersfield. I know that I want it to be a consumer-oriented business that provides a service to an underserved market in Kern County.”

Ignacio ContrerasIgnacio Contreras, recipient of the Hispanic Excellence Fund Scholarship and a volunteer with the American Heart Association and Family Science Night at Sierra Middle School, hopes to become a marketing manager after graduating from CSUB. “My goal is to climb up from the ground to an executive position. With enough self-dedication, persistence and commitment, I am certain I will achieve this professional goal of mine faster.”




Damacio Ramirez, Jr., who has volunteered at Stay Focused Ministries and works part time at a local middle school, is focusing on accounting and finance at CSUB. “I hope to one day be able to make a difference in the community by swaying kids away from gangs and violence and lead them to a path of education. At this point in my life, there is not much I can do for these kids, but I hope one day I could help kids in need.”

Ashlie LopezAshlie Lopez, a member of the National Honor Society for Leadership and Success, recipient of the Hispanic Excellence Fund Scholarship and a volunteer for several community groups and projects, hopes to use her business studies in the entertainment industry and eventually create multimedia campaigns to address social issues like bullying. “As a victim who suffered from a tremendous amount of bullying, I am aware of the long-lasting effects it could have on an individual, since it is difficult to overcome.”




Brytney HobsonBrytney Hobson, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a volunteer with the elderly and those with special needs, is a transfer student who has been driven to pursue a college education from early childhood. She is studying kinesiology in addition to business. “At the moment, I have three jobs and I work literally every day. Many people think I am crazy and often ask me how I can manage such a demanding schedule, but the answer is simple: I want to be a successful world contributor.”





Pedro ArredondoPedro Arredondo is a transfer student from Bakersfield College, where he earned awards for Outstanding Plant Science Student and Outstanding Forestry Student. He is studying business and agriculture. “I can tell you from first-hand experience that being a first-generation college student is hard. There is a dreadful feeling that I cannot mess this up, almost like if I was only here by mere luck. But I have to give myself more credit than that because it took a lot of hard work and dedication for me to be here today.”




Alberto Ramirez Gonzalez, a member of the United Now for Immigrants Rights Club and Tennis Club, was born and raised until the age of 7 in a small town in Mexico. “My first day of class in the United States was extremely difficult, which made me realize the importance of learning English, and the extra amount of effort I had to put into my academics compared to the other children. Apart from learning a new language, adapting to a new country, culture and people were very difficult things for me as a child. I can confidently say that learning a new language and adapting were some of the biggest barriers I had to overcome.”

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