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Dr. Nyakundi Michieka


Ph.D. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, West Virginia University, August 2013Dr. Nyakundi Michieka

M.S. Management and Leadership – Public Administration, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, August 2008

B.S. Mechatronic Engineering, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, July 2006

Professional Employment

2014 - Present: Assistant Professor – Department of Economics, California State University, Bakersfield

2013: Postdoctoral Fellow – Teaching and Research, West Virginia University

2008 - 2013: Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Resource Management, West Virginia University

2007 - 2008: Graduate Research Assistant, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

  • Energy economics, Energy policy, Energy demand, Renewable and Non-renewable energy.

  • Regional Economics, Economic Development and Poverty

  • Spatial Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

Professional Affiliations

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA), July 2011 — Present
  • Regional Science Association International (RSAI), March 2010 — Present
  • Southern Regional Science Association (SRSA), March 2010 — Present
  • United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE), May 2011 — Present
  • Western Economic Association International (WEAI), July 2017 – Present
  • Western Regional Science Association (WRSA), March 2018 — Present


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  • Gearhart, S. and Michieka, M. N. 2018. “A Comparison of the Robust Conditional Order-m Estimation and Two Stage DEA in Measuring Healthcare Efficiency Among California Counties.” Economic Modelling. Volume 73, June 2018, Pages 395-406.
  • Michieka, M. N., 2017. “Do Changes in Oil Prices Affect Welfare Programs? Evidence from Kern County.” Energy Economics, Volume 66 (2017), pp116 – 121.
  • Gearhart, R. S., Michieka, M. N., 2016. “California County Health Rankings: How Efficiency Estimates Re-order Popular Estimates.” International Journal of Health Economics, Forthcoming
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  • Michieka, M. N., Pradhan, A., Gebremedhin, T. 2011. “A Spatial Analysis of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the Appalachian Region.” Journal of Food Distribution and Research, Volume 42 (2011), Issue 3: pp 77-95.
  • Michieka, M. N., Gearhart, R. S. 2018. “Resource Curse? The Case of Kern County.” Resources Policy Journal (Forthcoming)

Book Chapter

  • Michieka, M. N., Blankenship, D. 2015. “Why Oil May not be Kenya’s Liberator from Poverty.” Karen E. Bravo and Jena Martin (Eds), Human Rights and Business: Moving Forward, Looking Back Cambridge University Press.
  • Michieka, M. N. 2013. “The Role of Population Dynamics on Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in Kenya,” in Peter Schaeffer and Eugene Kouassi (Eds.), Econometric Methods for Analyzing Economic Development. IGI Global., Hershey, PA

Book Review

Michieka, M. N. 2015. Antoine Halff, Benjamin K. Sovacool, and Jon Rozhon, eds. 2015. Energy Poverty: Global Challenges and Local Solutions. Oxford University Press: USA, ISBN: 9780199682362, 472 pp., $110.00 (hardcover).

Working Papers

  • Michieka, M. N., Gearhart, R. S. 2018. “Oil Price Dynamics and Sectoral Employment in the U.S.” (Under Review).
  • Gearhart, S., Michieka, M. N. 2018. “Healthcare Efficiency of California Counties: The Results are not what they Seem.” (Under Review).
  • Gearhart, S., Michieka, M. N. 2018. “The Impacts of Colonialism and Governance on Healthcare Efficiency: The Case of Africa.” (Under Review).









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