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Experiencing Registration Issues?

This page has several resources to assist you during registration.

Spring 2021 Registration for Current Students Begins October 26th. Check your MyCSUB for your individual day and time. If you need help to navigate MyCSUB, please reach out to our Volunteer Peer Mentors

Registration Week 

Registration Errors or Issues? Please submit the Enrollment Error Request Form. This is the fastest way method (Preferred).

Before Registration Week

We suggest for Business Administration students to validate their enrollment. 

Shopping Cart Appointment – “Validate Feature”

A new feature has been added to myCSUB, Shopping Cart Appointment-Validate, which will allow you to see if your registration and enrollment in planned courses will be successful. You are encouraged to plan your schedule of courses ahead of time and allow the system to validate your selected courses using this feature.

Once you have added the classes to your Shopping Cart you want to take for the upcoming term, you then can have the system “validate” some or all of those classes. The validation process is a system check for possible time conflicts, pre-requisite requirements or holds. Just click the “Select” box for each class that you want to validate, and then click on the Validate button below the Shopping Cart list of classes.

Keep in mind the following key points in using this feature:

• The validation operation does not enroll you in any classes; you will still need to complete the registration process

• The validation operation does not check for course seat availability or reserve seats in a class even though there are no impediments to the class you are validating

If there are errors (denoted by “X”), you can take some corrective action—if you do not meet a pre-requisite, maybe select a different course; if you have a time conflict, maybe select different sections; if you have a hold, go to the appropriate office to see about getting the hold released. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any additional questions or concerns.

If you need help to navigate MyCSUB, please reach out to our Volunteer Peer Mentors



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