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The School of Business and Public Administration Newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with all things BPA! The BPA Newsletter features: Student Organization events, BPA events, faculty recognition, alumni updates, and a calendar of events.

BPA July 2018 Newsletter

2017-2018 Twelfth Edition

Check out the electronic cop: Vol. 3 Issue 4

BPA April 2018 Newsletter

2017-2018 Eleventh Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 3 Issue 3

BPA December Newsletter

2017-2018 Tenth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol 3. Issue 2

We are about to wind up the fall semester!


First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all BPA students, staff and faculty, truly the entire University and Kern community for all the incredible team work in moving the school to the next level of excellence.

BPA October Newsletter

2017-2018 Ninth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 3 Issue 1

Welcome Back!

I joined CSU Bakersfield on July 1, 2017, after 19 years at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I am truly touched by the warm welcome I have received from the faculty, staff, and administrators of the School of Business and Public Administration (BPA) and across the campus.

Because of the generous support of my colleagues across the campus and within the School, I have been able to make a smooth transition. I am excited to be a part of the BPA team.

BPA May 2017 Newsletter

2016-2017 Eighth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 2 Issue 4

Thank you, to Everyone!  We are wrapping up our first-ever, semester school year, and things have gone amazingly well for our first effort!  It is no doubt due to the very hard work, dedication, and commitment of our faculty, staff, and students!  This was a difficult and very involved process that was a “once-in-a-career” experience, yet we handled it with the patience and professionalism that are the hallmarks of this School.  Again, congratulations to all, and a huge “thank you”!

BPA April 2017 Newsletter

2016-2017 Seventh Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 2 Issue 3

BPA December 2016 Newsletter

2016-2017 Sixth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 2 Issue 2

BPA September 2016 Newsletter

2016-2017 Fifth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 2 Issue 1

Congratulations to all in successfully launching the first semester term here at CSUB.  As is for the other Schools, if it were not for the tremendous work and commitment of the faculty and staff, this project could simply not have gotten off the ground, let alone be so successfully completed.  There are a few “growing pains” to sort out, but all in all, this has worked out very well!

BPA June 2016 Newsletter

2015-2016 Fourth Edition

Check out the electronic copy: Vol. 1 Issue 4

A hearty “well done” is in order to all the faculty and staff in BPA for making it through a very busy 2015-16 academic year!  Between teaching the largest group of students ever enrolled in BPA classes (over 1400 FTES), the Q2S conversion work, the issues around G.E., and personnel changes in several programs and the Dean’s Office, this has simply been a hectic year.

BPA April 2016 Newsletter

2015-2016 Third Edition

Check out the electronic copy:  Vol. 1 Issue 3

From the Growing Opportunities Career Fair to the Federal Reserve Bank Student Simulation to the Economic Summit guest speaker, the Winter quarter was a buzz with opportunities for all CSUB students, faculty, and staff.

BPA November 2015 Newsletter

2015-2016 Second Edition

Check out the electronic copy:  Vol. 1 Issue 2

The Fall quarter saw a lot of activity from student organizations. Students participated in a wide range of activities from networking opportunities to competition's. The Fall quarter also recognized BPA faculty for their dedication and hard work.

BPA September 2015 Newsletter

2015-2016 First Edition

Check out the Eletronic Copy:  Vol. 1 Issue 1

The start of a new year is an exciting time; seniors are pumped, freshman are nervous and many changes have occurred in recent months. BPA saw the appointment of a new dean, awarded 6 students with the prestigious John Brock Scholarship award, and honored a leader in the community with the John Brock Community Service Award.

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