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BPA Faculty Recognition

Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award

Dr. Hossein BidgoliDr. Hossein Bidgoli, has been selected as CSUB’s 2015-2016 recipient of Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award.  Dr. Bidgoli has been a faculty member at CSUB since fall of 1983, teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate Management Information Systems (MIS) courses. Dr. Bidgoli was also selected as CSUB’s 2001-2002 Outstanding Professor. Prior to coming to CSUB, Dr. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC lab in the United States and served as its first director. Professor Bidgoli has an ongoing and impressive record of cutting edge scholarship in all aspects of MIS. During his tenure at CSUB he has authored more than164 publications and served as the editor-in-chief of five Encyclopedia and Handbook series which breakdown as follows:

Professor Bidgoli research, publications, scholarly, and creative activities are broadly divided into three groups: (1) Pedagogy, (2) applied research, and (3) reference work. (1) In the area of pedagogy, the most notable work that he has done is his Management Information Systems textbook, in its 5th edition (Cengage Learning). It provides a true learning environment by delivering an interactive multimedia coursework. Students praise its simplicity and the cutting-edge information in a fast changing technology field. Also the Bidgoli's Information Systems Literacy Series published by MacMillan Publishing Company included 32 textbooks and 28 Instructor's Manuals fall under this category. 

(2) His upper division textbooks (6 textbooks), refereed journal publications (16 articles), book chapters (12 chapters), presentations in regional and national conferences with proceedings (58+ papers) fall under applied research. In this category Dr. Bidgoli has assisted MIS students, researchers, and practitioners to better understand the many issues surrounding a successful design and implementation of management information systems.

(3) His five Encyclopedia and Handbook series (17 separate volumes, more than 17,000 pages), that he served as the editor-in-chief, fall under the reference work category. It must be proudly stated, that the libraries of nearly all major universities and colleges throughout the world including all of the CSU campuses have adopted at least one of these reference publications. A simple GOOGLE search highlights the popularity of these reference materials.

Research Highlights:

Dr. Bidgoli has received two prestigious national publishing awards:

1) Recipient of one of the Library Journal’s Best Reference Sources Award, for the Encyclopedia of Information Systems.


It must be recognized that Dr. Bidgoli is the first and only faculty member at CSUB to receive these awards.

Dr. Bidgoli's Personal Statement

"I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to make a living of something that I passionately enjoy. Teaching is something that I enjoy immensely. To me teaching is more than a profession. The learning process, the success of the students, and observing their career path in life is something that only a teaching profession offers. When a faculty  combine  teaching with active research then a forward-looking classroom is created for the students. The Library Journal’s Best Reference Sources Award (Encyclopedia of Information Systems) and Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Award (the Internet Encyclopedia) are the highlights of my research activities. I am honored to be recognized by my colleagues for the Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award."

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