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Department of Public Policy and Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

The Department of Public Policy and Administration at CSU Bakersfield will foster and improve critical thinking, communication, leadership, management, and ethical reasoning for present and future managers in government, nonprofit, and health care organizations within the San Joaquin Valley. The critical skills learned from this curriculum will ensure that managers in the government, nonprofit, and health care sectors exercise governance in an inclusive and socially responsible manner.

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2013 - 2015 Catalog Requirements:

2016 - 2018 Catalog Requirements:

A. Required Lower Division Foundation Courses

1. ACCT 2200, ECON 2020, PLSI 1018, (BA 2100 or BA 3108)

B. Required Core Courses

2. PPA 2008, 3000, 3408, (PPA 4010 or BA 3010), PPA 4650, (PPA 4660 or MGMT 3100), PPA 4680, 4908, COMM 3008

C. Upper Division Electives (4 approved courses)

In addition to the foundation and core requirements, students must complete four approved 3000-level or 4000-level courses in Public Policy and Administration. Students may take 5000-level courses or take two of the foundation courses for the MPA and MS-HCA. PPA 4010 may not be counted by PPA majors in both the core and the electives. Students may also take coursework in other disciplines such as marketing, management, finance, economics, criminal justice, and other social science disciplines if it matches their career objectives. Make these choices after consulting the undergraduate advisor.

Service Learning Component in BAPA:

Undergraduate public administration students must complete at least one service learning component during their degree program. This service learning component may be satisfied by a community-based project in a public administration class, an independent study, cooperative education, an internship, or another means approved by the PPA faculty. Students must develop a service learning portfolio to be presented in PPA 4908.

Undergraduate Students Planning to Pursue the MPA or the MSHCA

Note: Undergraduate students in Public Policy and Administration planning to pursue the MPA or MSHCA may take up to two of the MPA or MSHCA courses while still undergraduates. Students seeking the MPA may take PPA 4010 and PPA 4038; students seeking the MSHCA may complete PPA 4010 and 4020.

PPA-MPA 4+1 Program

Undergraduate PPA students may also pursue the MPA degree through an accelerated path. Students following this path will earn their BA and MPA degrees together in 5 years. Students will take their normal BA coursework for the first 3 years (90 units). In the second semester of their third year, students may apply for the accelerated path if they meet the following conditions: have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and get approval from their faculty advisor.

In their fourth year, students on this path will take PPA 4010, PPA 4038, PPA 5000, PPA 5020, and 6 other BA PPA (or PLSI) courses approved by their faculty advisor. At the end of this year, students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may continue to the MPA program, or revert back to the BA degree program. Students with a GPA below 3.0 will end their participation in the accelerated path and will revert to the BA program.

Students continuing on the accelerated path will take the following coursework in their fifth year: PPA 6100, PPA 6110, PPA 6520, PPA 6530, 5 electives, and a culminating project.
Altogether, students on the accelerated path must complete at least 150 credits in order to earn their BA and MPA degrees.

Students must consult their faculty advisor for more information.

Minors in Public Administration

A minor in Public Administration is available to candidates for any baccalaureate degree. These students should seek advising from the Undergraduate Advisor before beginning work on the minor. A student desiring a minor in Public Administration must have the approval of the Undergraduate Advisor and must take four approved courses in Public Policy and Administration.

Requirements for the Minor in Regular Public Administration Minor (12 units)
1. Requires: PPA 2008, 3000
2. Plus at least (2) of the following: PPA 3250, 3408, 4010, 4020, 4038, 4650, (PPA 4660 or MGMT 3100), or 4680

Requirements for the Minor in Nonprofit Management (12 units)

The minor in nonprofit management provides students in business and majors in humanities, social sciences, and physical education the opportunity for class preparation in community nonprofit and social action agencies.
1. Requires: PPA 3500*, 4500*, 4860*
2. Plus at least one of the following: ACCT 2200, 2210, MGMT 4600, MKTG 3000, 3040, 4300, PPA 4650*, 4680*
*May not be counted for minor credit by PPA majors.

Requirements for the Minor in Health Care Management (13-15 units)

A minor in Health Care Management is available to candidates for any baccalaureate degree program. The minor may be of interest to students interested in pursuing careers in health care or health care management. The minor would also allow students to complete some of the fast track courses into the MPA or MS in Health Care Administration. These students must seek approval from the PPA Undergraduate Advisor before beginning work on the minor for curriculum planning from the courses listed below and to facilitate the sequencing of courses and transition to the Master’s level degree programs. Students must consult with the PPA internship advisor and the health care management faculty to identify a service learning experience.

A student must take five upper division courses (15 units) including an applied learning experience from the following courses. (If students choose to complete PPA 5020, they also must have completed a 3000-level statistics course or higher to be eligible).
1. PPA 4250, 5140
2. Two of the following: ECON 3108, PPA 4010, 4020, 4260, 4190, 5360
3. And complete an Applied Learning Experience, one of the following: PPA 4860, 4870, 5020*
*Must have completed PPA 4010, BA 3010, or an upper division statistics course approved by the PPA undergraduate advisor).

Requirements for the Certificate in Public Administration

An individual who desires to begin non-degree study in Public Administration may apply for a certificate. Six (6) courses are required for the Certificate in Public Administration:
1. PPA 2008, 3000, 4010, (PPA 4660 or MGMT 3100), PPA 4680, plus one approved elective.
Requirements for

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