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Master of Business Administration


“I had a tough time deciding what school to go to for my MBA, but chose CSUB after learning that the school is AACSB accredited and in the top 5% of all business schools in the world. The program has world class college professors with real business experience in their related fields which created a very different experience from my theoretical studies at UCLA. The smaller classes also allowed for more detailed questions and personal relationships and guidance with each of the professors. The CSUB MBA program was a very valuable and personal learning experience, something you would not find at a large business school. Thank you CSUB professors!”
Jared Grant (CSUB MBA 2010)
Castle & Cooke

“The CSUB MBA program is a best kept secret and a great program. I expanded my knowledge and skills tremendously. I am making a direct transfer of those skills and knowledge into my job. The professors in the program were able to add valuable real world experience and tangible examples from their background and course materials. I will see a real benefit to from participating in the program in my career. It was a great opportunity to take part in.”
Mark Weighall CFM CMA CPA MBA(CSUB MBA, 2010)
Pandol Brothers

"My experience in the CSUB MBA program was memorable. The program provides an atmosphere that is conductive to student and instructor interactions essential to the learning process. The program is an extraordinary asset to our Bakersfield community. It provides our community with the opportunity to seek a valuable advanced business degree without having to leave our home town. The program provided me the opportunity to achieve a lifetime goal while working full time, greatly enhancing my learning experience and personal growth. "
Janett Zazala (CSUB MBA, 2009)
Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc.

“The CSUB MBA Program has provided me a comprehensive understanding of the global organization in a competitive and fast-paced business environment. I have learned decision-making skills and strategies that will be invaluable to me in my professional and in my personal life. The MBA degree opens up a world of employment opportunities that would not have been available to me without it. I found the faculty to be friendly, accessible, and sincerely interested in my growth and success. The courses were relevant and current; and class sizes were small, allowing for interactive participation and discussion.”
Deborah Riedmiller (CSUB MBA, 2007)
Director of Business Services
Rio Bravo-Greeley Union School District

"The CSUB MBA Program has provided the vital knowledge, skills, and abilities requisite for my success in today's dynamic business environment. The best part about the Program is the diversity of its students and professors. Both bring with them an excellent cross section of public and private professional experience. This diversity allows for well-rounded, multi-faceted learning and discussion."
Cathi D. Cleveland (CSUB MBA, 2006)
United States Air Force

“It has been an outstanding learning experience. The professors are knowledgeable about the subjects they are teaching and understand that working professionals have lives outside of school. Most professors have consulting businesses, so they have working knowledge and their academic knowledge. This provides a well-rounded approach to teaching, not just theory, but practical application too. Since the CSUB MBA program is AACSB accredited, the degree is recognized as being based on the highest standard in business education. I believe this translates into more and better opportunities for graduates."
Craig Fisher (CSUB MBA, 2006)
State Farm Insurance Companies

“The CSUB MBA program offered me the perfect opportunity to refine my business skills at a local AACSB accredited program while continuing to work. The program was worth my time and money – and that is coming from someone who paid for 85 percent of the program out of his own pocket.”
David Barnett (CSUB MBA, 2005)
Internet Services Administrator

“The MBA program at CSUB is exemplary. The personal attention, distinguished faculty, and eclectic vocational backgrounds of the students create an exceptional learning experience. The MBA has proven to be invaluable in my professional and personal life. The program undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. I’m honored to be a CSUB MBA alumnus.”
David Harrington (CSUB MBA, 2005)
Centre for Neuro Skills

“My decision to participate in CSUB’s MBA program was one of the best decisions I have made. I found the knowledge gained in the MBA program could immediately be applied in the workplace. The program offers students the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable instructors in both theory and practice. CSUB’s student-teacher ratio provides students with an intimate learning environment. Beyond the transfer of knowledge, my memories of the program will remind me of the relationships formed with both instructors and students who were so supportive of everyone’s goals and their success in life.”
Brian Conner (CSUB MBA, 2004)
Light speed Systems

“My MBA gives me the business expertise that I lacked as a result of my educational background in Biology. It will allow me to be more efficient and valuable to my company. It gives me the tools to succeed in business. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of the students in the program — who I developed professional and social relationships with — over the last couple of years. I have developed good friendships as well as an important strategic network in our community. The faculty is outstanding, and the curriculum is challenging and applicable to not only corporate America, but also the small business and entrepreneurial spirit. I think we are blessed to have such a program in our community.” 
Chad Manning (CSUB MBA, 2003)
Jim Burke Ford

“My MBA experience at Cal State, including faculty and fellow students, was an outstanding value. The cost can't be beat and the schedule worked great with my full time job. Most importantly, it helped me consolidate my 25-plus years of experience and fill in gaps in my knowledge and skills. I now get more value from my experience, knowledge and skills in my personal and professional life.”
Greg Cox (CSUB MBA, 2001)
Aera Energy LLC

“CSUB’s MBA program provided me an opportunity to receive a high quality education from an institution accredited by the AACSB, the same international association that awards accreditation to the top business schools in the country. I recognized the importance and value of this accreditation as a student and as a Human Resources professional when recruiting candidates for employment.”
Dan Gallegos (CSUB MBA, 2000)
Sunview Vineyards of California, Inc.

“The MBA program at CSUB gave me the opportunity to look at the business world differently. Having graduated from CSUB with an undergraduate business degree in 1994, the MBA program built upon that initial foundation by taking the fundamental concepts of business theory and applying those to use in the real world. The program was not about test taking, theories, and formulas; it was about team building, critical thinking, problem solving, and the development of verbal and written communication skills. Through the CSUB MBA program, I received the necessary skills to advance my career and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. The MBA program has definitely produced financial dividends for me each year since graduating.”
Scott Ziemann (CSUB MBA 1999)

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