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Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Economics

The B.S. degree program prepares graduates for professional careers by integrating significant coursework from business or public administration in the economic major.

To view the requirements for the B.S. in Economics, please choose from the following Catalog selections:

2013 - 2015 Catalog Requirements:

2016 - 2018 Catalog Requirements:

A. Lower-Division Requirements (18 units)

1. ECON 2018, 2028, 2200, and 2900; MIS 2000; MATH 2200; and ACCT 2200

B. Upper-Division Requirements (32 units)

1. ECON 3010, 3020, 4200, 4108 or 4400; and 4908 all with a C- or better
2. ECON 3030 and 3008; ECON 3080 or 4080
3. Three (3) Economics electives, with at least one satisfying neither a general education requirement (course number ending in "8" or "9") nor Business Administration Foundation requirement (ECON 4510)

C. Skills Cognate (6-8 units)

One of the following sequences (6 - 8 units):
1. Analytics: ECON 3200 or MIS 3200; ECON 4530
2. Calculus: MATH 1050 and 2010
3. Applied Statistics: MATH 3210 and 4220
Note: The Skills Cognate is waived for majors completing ACCT 2210, 3000, and 3010.

D. General Option or Concentration (9 units)

Three electives (9 units) selected in consultation with the economics advisor that form a professionally- or academically- related area of breadth and depth.
Concentration Options.
A concentration is a group of courses officially recognized as providing specialized knowledge within a bachelor's degree program. Completion of a concentration is noted on the student's transcript and diploma. Students must formally declare a concentration to ensure it is recognized upon graduation. Economics majors are not required to complete a concentration but have the option of completing any of the concentrations offered for the B.S. in Business Administration instead of the General Option. There must be a minimum of 15 units of courses in the concentration that are not simultaneously applied toward other major requirements. Completion of a concentration requires (6-12 more units) than the General Option.

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