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Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies Degree Requirements

A.   Communication Skills (10 quarter units)

1. COMM 3008 Technical & Report Writing

2. One of the following

       COMM 3250 Communications for Business and Government or

       MGMT 4300 Negotional, ADR, and Conflict Management

B.   Quantitative and Evaluative Skills (10 units)

1. MATH 1209 Elementary Statistics

2. One of the following:

      BA 3010             Data Analysis and Decision Making or
      PPA 4010           Analytical Methods in Administration

C.  External Environment of Organizations (15 quarter units)

1. One of the following:

      ECON 2018                    Microeconomics or
      ECON 2028                    Macroeconomics

  2. One of the following:

      BA 3108 Business and Society or
      PPA 3408 Policy Networks

  3. One of the following:

      BA 2100 Legal Environment of Business or
      ECON 4040 Law and Economics or
      PPA 3250 Administrative Law

D.  Business & Public Administration (32 quarter units)

1. One of the following:

      MIS 2000A Software Productivity Tools or
      ECON 3030 Analyzing Economic Data

 2. ACCT 2200 Financial Reporting and Accounting

 3. One of the following: 

       MGMT 3000 Organizational Behavior or
       PPA 3000 Public Management and Leadership

  4. One of the following:

      BA 3000 Managing Diversity in Business Organizations
      ECON 3008 Gender and Diversity in the Workplace

  5. PHIL 3318 Professional Ethics

  6. Two of the following:

      ECON 3200 or MIS 320 Principles of Geographic Information Systems or
      ECON 4510 Managerial Economics or
      ECON 4530 Engineering Economics or
      ERM 3010 Intro to Occupational Safety and Health Management or
      ERM 3020 Advanced Occupational Safety and Health Management or
      FIN 3000  Financial Management or
      MGMT 3020 Operations Management or      
      MGMT 3090 Career and Managerial Skills or
      MGMT 4600 Total Quality Management or
      PPA 5020 Program Evaluation or
      PPA 4500 Contract Management or
      PPA 4650 Supervision

E. Advisor-approved Emphasis Area (24 quarter units)

Transferable courses from a community college technology program or military courses certified by the American Council on Education as college-        equivalent are typically used to meet the emphasis requirement. All courses in the emphasis area must relate to the same occupational cluster. With advisor approval, up to five quarter units for internships, cooperative education, or experiential credit can be used if pertinent. Approval by the appropriate department chair is required for Emphasis Areas consisting of at least 15 upper division units in an academic area offered by CSUB. Students wanting to use upper division Business courses for the emphasis area should instead complete the Business Administration major or minor.   

F.  Senior Capstone (5 quarter units):  

      APS 4900 Senior Capstone

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