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Applied Studies

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies is a robust degree completion program that enables coursework from applied or technical community college programs to be incorporated into the bachelor’s degree. Military education that is certified by the American Council on Education as being college-equivalent may also be incorporated into the major.  The major requires an Area of Emphasis that in most cases will be met using the above-mentioned prior coursework.  The upper division requirements provide knowledge and skills valued in all organizations: (1) communications skills, (2) research and evaluative skills, (3) subject matter knowledge of business and public administration, and (4) integrative problem solving and decision making.

CSUB requires that currency of knowledge be demonstrated for coursework completed more than ten years prior to graduation that is used to satisfy a major requirement. Currency can be demonstrated in the Area of Emphasis through current employment relating in the previous field of study and completion of five units of internship. Contact the Program Director regarding course currency issues.

Students interested in the Applied Studies major should arrange an appointment with the Program Director to discuss career goals and how the Area of Emphasis requirement will be met. The Emphasis Area requirement is most often met by completing transferable coursework from a community college technical/applied program or military education evaluated by the American Council on Education as being college-equivalent. The Program Director's signature of approval on the Declaration of Major form is contingent on determinations that the proposed Emphasis Area is academically coherent and that its completion is feasible.  While most students attracted to this major will be transfer students with applied technology coursework, the program's goals may align with those of some students who do not have coursework from such a program. Emphasis Areas consisting of at least 15 upper division units from another CSUB Department also require that department chair's approval.  

Academic plans and course scheduling decisions should be reviewed by the Director or a designated advisor, as the major includes prerequisite patterns and some requirements are not offered every quarter.  

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Dr. Aaron Hegde
Chair and Professor of Economics
Phone: 661-654-2495
Fax: 661-654-2438

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